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whitehouse_420x315Michigan Home Insurance Coverage

Your home is a valuable asset; it contains the precious pieces of your life. From the necessities to the toys, the memories to the dreams, it is impossible for most people to imagine losing any of these possessions.

At C.L. Finlan, we help Michigan homeowners and renters understand how their policies work and the insurance coverages that are necessary to protect the things that you’ve worked hard to earn. We can insure your home whether it is a house, an apartment, a mobile home, or a condo. Each of these types of homes has its own set of unique exposures.

Our team helps you understand how to best insure your home and the treasures inside. You may be surprised to learn that things that you thought might be covered on your home policy may be limited or may not be covered at all. Do you have lots of electronics in your home? Do you own a valuable collection of jewelry? Let us help you through the maze and make sure that all of your valuable assets are covered. Because we represent many fine carriers, we can select the carrier that most closely meets your needs at a competitive price.

Once you purchase your home insurance policy from C. L. Finlan & Son, located in Plymouth, MI, you will be able to contact our Customer Service Team to get answers to your questions about billings and coverage, make a change to your policy or file a claim.

We give your insurance needs our personal attention.

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